Angelica Garcia, President and CEO of AIM Global Logistics located in Katy, TX was among the few Hispanic women business owners attending the round-table discussions with Ivanka Trump on Thursday, March 16th, 2017.

Ivanka Trump and Angelica Garcia in Washington, DC for the USHCC Legislative Summit

Ivanka Trump and Angelica Garcia in Washington, DC for the USHCC Legislative Summit

Katy, Texas (March 20, 2017) – President and CEO, Angelica Garcia of AIM Global Logistics just returned home from Washington after attending meetings with top administration officials and first daughter Ivanka Trump.

The meetings were organized by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, whose president, Javier Palomarez, hasn’t always agreed with President Trump. “The reality of it is,” Palomarez said, “I’d much rather campaign from the inside than complain from the outside.”

During the meetings, Ivanka Trump attended a private round-table discussion for Latina business owners, including Ms. Garcia.

Some of the topics of discussion during the Roundtable were constructive dialogue and no political dialogue was discussed, “Ivanka was genuinely empowering woman owned businesses, not just Latina owned businesses” says Garcia. The roundtable continued to discuss access to capital, what all is out there to help small businesses scale? They continued by honing in on SBA loans and SBA opportunities. Discussions moved to what the businesses are doing to secure contracts with government agencies and top fortune 500 companies and how the USHCC, who held and organized the roundtable, helps small businesses like their own. “The USHCC has been instrumental to AIM’s growth and they see to it that all members get the support and help they need to grow their businesses” says Garcia. The table went on by discussing how the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business and other organizations have assisted small business owners.

“While many may look at these numbers as a minority issue, they actually play an important role in the overall economy. Small business owners create over 60 percent of net new jobs, and if the owners driving most of the growth- Latinas – are not reaching their full potential, our economy is not reaching its full potential either. It is an American priority that benefits all if we all focus on moving up together to our full potential.” – Lili

As a minority and women-owned small business with WOSB, WBE, MBE, and TX Comptroller HUB certifications, AIM Global Logistics, a full freight transportation solution, is committed to excellence and innovation.

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