AIM Global Receiving award as “2015 Small Business Innovator of the Year”

Angelica Garcia Dunn will accept an award at the 2015 Governor’s Small Business Forum “Women Exceeding Limits”

Houston, Texas (September 22, 2015) – President and CEO, Angelica Garcia-Dunn of AIM Global Logistics has remarkably grown her business in such a short time. It was only six years ago when the single mom of two leveraged $50,000 in savings and a $500 credit card to create AIM Global Logistics, LLC. When we fast forward to 2015 and now, AIM Global Logistics has grown into a global family that brings in more than $20 million annually. Angelica will be recognized for these accomplishments as the “Small Business Innovator of the Year” on Tuesday, September 29th during the 2015 Governor’s Small Business Forum “Women Exceeding Limits”.

Angelica instituted a new approach to the transportation industry, she created AIM Global Logistics to be a one-stop-shop for all transportation needs in a myriad of industries. AIM Global Logistics offers a variety of services that include trucking, ocean & air freight, rail and warehousing. With its two other divisions, AIM Energy & Chemicals, LLC and AIM Global Financial, LLC it has been able to expand its services beyond the transportation industry to offer sourcing of chemicals, equipment, rigs & rig components, tubulars, machinery and financial services such as factoring, equipment leasing & financing, and invoice processing management. In 2012, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce named AIM Global Logistics the 2012 Emerging Business of the Year. Today, AIM Global Logistics, AIM Energy & Chemicals, and AIM Global Financial are subsidiaries of the AIM Family of Companies and set standards in freight transportation, warehousing, equipment & chemical sourcing and financial services internationally.

As a minority and women-owned small business with WOSB, WBE, MBE, and TX Comptroller HUB certifications, AIM Family of Companies is committed to excellence and innovation. This falls right in line with the mission of the WBEA. Diversity promotes innovation, opens new channels of revenue and creates partnerships which provide opportunities that fuel the economy. While reinforcing its important vision and mission, WBEA broadens its reach and focus on growth and sustainability throughout its network by delivering products and services through certification, opportunities, resources, and engagement and recognition (CORE) platform. Garcia and her firm is a member and strong supporter of the local WBEA.

“Angelica Garcia is an exceptional leader who is forging new ways to deliver value to her customers and her community,” said April Day, WBEA-Texas, President and COO. “She illustrates the powerful contributions that women’s businesses make to the economic growth of this community and nation.”

The Women Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) & The Women’s Business Center (WBC) are the proud hosts of the 2015 Governor’s Small Business Forum, celebrating Women Exceeding Limits, sponsored by the Office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Workforce Commission, and local partners. The Governor’s Small Business Forums (GSBF) are designed to give entrepreneurs and small businesses valuable tools, skills, and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced economy. Featuring a wide range of instructive seminars and expert speakers offering vital information on both public and private resources, the forums provide a great opportunity to network and connect with industry specialists, government officials, service providers, and other regional businesses. “The Governor’s Small Business Forum provides a ready platform to seize opportunities, push boundaries, network with decision makers and other business owners. It is a forum where we can be intentional in business” stated April Day, WBEA President.

Overall the forums highlight the wide range of opportunities available to women-owned small businesses, including minority, veterans, and businesses interested in expanding globally into China, Mexico and Canada. “This is the first time a Governor’s Small Business Forum is focused on women businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas. This forum confirms women are engines of success.” Shirley Brooks, WBC Director. The GSBF will include presentations by Texas First Lady, Cecilia Abbott, Commissioner of the Texas Workforce Commission, Andres Alcantar, Texas Secretary of State, Carlos Cascos in addition to sixteen (16) interactive work sessions led by professionals who are considered masters in their industry.

The 2015 Governor’s Small Business Forum will be held at The Westin Houston, Memorial City Hotel: 945 Gessner Road Houston, Texas 77024. Located at the doorsteps of the Houston’s Energy Corridor and connected to Memorial City Mall, which makes this hotel the perfect location for this influent business event. Mark your calendars for September 29, 2015, from 7:30 AM – 6:00PM.

To schedule an appearance with Angelica Garcia-Dunn please contact Tabitha Becker, Marketing & Public Relations Director for AIM Global Logistics at 713-489-8911 or or to schedule a meeting with Angelica or a sales team representative, please contact Mariela Hernandez at 713-489-8911 or



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